Shapewear Guide

Sometimes you want a little extra control. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about our shapewear. From all the types of shaping styles, the three shaping levels to the innovative seamless shaping pieces. All made in soft and stretchy materials for your comfort.
Light shaping
When you just want a touch of shaping, then look for our styles marked with light shaping. From briefs, camisoles, and dresses, these are your go-to when you are looking to make your everyday dressing a little bit smoother. 
Shaping briefs
Shaping briefs with a light level of support to gently shape waist and hips. The perfect foundation for a smooth look under clothes.
Shaping dress
Get a sleek silhouette with this shaping dress. The stretchy fabric shapes the whole figure and the dress stays in place all day thanks to the silicone edge at the bottom hem.
Shaping camisole
A shaping camisole with light support that smooths and sculpts your body’s contours. So perfect for everyday wear.
Medium shaping
When you are looking for something between light and firm, our medium shaping styles are needless to say your perfect choice.
Shaping biker briefs
Shaping biker briefs are your best friend when wearing tight-fitting clothes or dresses. Say goodbye to uncomfortable thigh rubbing and feel comfortable all day long.
Shaping body
For a sleek silhouette beneath outfits, the shaping body is your perfect choice. It will smooth out any bumps without sacrificing on comfort.
Firm shaping
When you want full control and a sleek silhouette then our firm shaping styles are your go-to. These styles will enhance your silhouette with its smoothing effects. You might be surprised by how comfortable they are, It’s all in the soft and stretchy material.
High waist shaping briefs
High waist shaping briefs with a high level of support to gently firm tummies and shape hips. The perfect foundation for a smooth look under clothes.
Shaping Body
A shaping body that comfortably controls your upper body, tummy and waist. Perfect when you want to maximize the sleek effect.
Seamless shaping
We are all about giving you the best support. Say hi to our new innovation, seamless shaping. These crafted styles are made with zonal support tailored to give you the very best fit and comfort.
Shaping thong
Shaping and thongs? Oh yes, there is such a thing. The zonal support will give you just the right amount of control where its needed.
Shaping biker briefs
The semless shaping biker briefs with their innovative zonal support are just the right mix between comfort and control.
Size guide
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