Check your breasts

Discovering breast cancer early will help the prognosis. Here are some important things to know before you begin. Don’t start looking for changes, just get to know how they feel. And remember most lumps are not cancer. Pain and tenderness are not usual symptoms for breast cancer. But more likely due to hormonal changes. Below we will show you how to examine your breasts in three simple steps.
Check your breasts once a month to get to know your breasts. Preferably after your period (if you are on it).
Check your breasts in the mirror and look for any changes.
Use straight fingers and a light pressure when examining.
 Make small circular movements. Finish off the armpit.
If you can, lay down to check your breasts and your armpits.
One tip is to check your breasts when you are in the shower and use the soap lather to make it smoother.
Support your Sisters Day
Don’t miss our Support your Sisters Day, a friendly yet important reminder to check your breasts the second of every new month. Checking your breasts and finding lumps at an early stage will help the prognosis. Go tell all of your sisters and mark the second in your calendar!