Long live your clothes

Instead of buying new, consider how you can take care of clothing you already own. With these better habits your beloved wares will stay with you for longer.Ready? Let's go.
One wash restores worn-out garments to new
It removes pilling, refreshes colour, renews prints, and revives surface and shape. It may sound like magic. But it’s just science.
Your kid’s wardrobe
There are a few things to keep in mind when building a smarter, more durable wardrobe for the kids.
Removing stains
Life is messy, and even messier with kids. But no need to fear those stains. Our experts know all there is to know about smart removal.
Repair and care
Favourite jacket a bit worn and torn? Worry no more. Make it new again with patches, heming tape and other smart items in our care collection.
Make it new again
Be creative and let your imagination rund wild. Remake your garments and make them unique, just as you are.
Kids' outerwear
With the right care their outerwear will last for generations of play.
How do you care for a delicate fabric like silk? Our experts know. Learn all about it here.
Treat your swimwear like the treasures they are and they will be yours truly for longer.
Your denim darlings can last for decades with the right care. This is how you do it.
As with all things beautiful, the best way to wash your intimates is by hand. But there are other ways too.
Keep your woolly wonders looking new for longer and keep those pills away.
Laundry bags
Protect your delicates and use a laundry bag as a shield against hard water.