Outerwear for kids

Play meets innovation
Kids Performance Wear includes outerwear that features innovative kinetic design that follows the natural movement of the body for unhindered play. Constructed from highly abrasion resistant fabric that's also waterproof and windproof, with a smart drop seat function for quicker toilet visits.
Kinetic design
These garments are designed for movement. The innovative kinetic design allows for free, natural movement of the body without constrictions that can come with conventional patterns.
How to layer clothes for kids?
Our wind fleece and padded lightweight jackets can be zipped in to the shell jacket with ease, or worn seperately. Check out our layering guide for more tips on how to dress your kid for rainy days or winter.
Outdoor play on repeat
Highly durable outerwear for kids
The entire shell set and snow suit are constructed from highly abrasion resistant fabric for enhanced durability.
Smart functions
Our outerwear is marked with symbols that describe the functions of the garment. This makes it easier for you to find the right outerwear for the season.
The drop seat allows for quicker toilet visits without taking off the entire garment.
Ready for whatever weather
How to choose the right layers
The lightweight insulated set and the wind fleece set are designed as a layer under the shell set or snow suit for extra warmth. They can also be worn seperately. Good to know: The wind fleece set is constructed from waterproof fabric, with 5000 mm water column.
Take care
To maintain the functional properties of your kid's outerwear, check out our care guide on handy tips to make them withstand play and weather for longer.
Waterproof with taped seams
The waterproof shell set and snow suit can withstand rain. Lots of it. 12,000 mm water column to be exact. The garment is constructed from a waterproof fabric, with the addition of a PFAS-free impregnation and taped seams that ensure that water stays on the outside.
The fabric features a functional coating that makes the garment windproof, withstanding a light breeze to strong gusts.
The garment is constructed from breathable fabric with moisture wicking ability measuring at least 5000 g/m2/24h.
Abrasion resistant
Constructed from highly abrasion resistant fabric for enhanced durability. Live fast, play hard.
Extended size solution
Kids grow fast, we know. You can easily adjust the garment’s length by turning the sleeves or legs inside out and adjust the buttons, so that the child can wear it for longer. When it’s time to pass it on, you can effortlessly restore it to its original size.
All functions