Our favourite blues.

Inspired by the shifting colours from the sea and rocks of the Swedish Westcoast. Lasting partners that are both timeless and classic, but never ever boring. Here are the blue favourites from three fab women in the Lindex family.
This is denim straight from our hearts.
“I’ve always gone my own way and that has taken me to spectacular places. These high waist straight jeans are the perfect partner on that road.” / Kattis, Buyer at Lindex, wears BETTY
“I thrive in the presence of nature and movement. The high waist and extra wide legs gives me freedom to move as I want and just inhale the moment I’m in.” / Vanessa, Stylist at Lindex, wears JACKIE
“I don’t believe in compromises when it comes to style. That’s why I Iove these blue treasures, they are so comfy and flattering at the same time.” / Charlotte, Stylist at Lindex, wears KAREN
Make your blue friends last longer
Denim is a truly reliale and trustworthy partner in your wardroe. Take good care of them, and they’ll last a long time.
Find your perfect fit with our jeans guide
We believe that jeans is for everybody. And for every body. Our sizes range from 34 to 54 in a wide variety of models. Find your favourite fit, and wear it again and again.
Better Denim for everyone
Let’s be honest – denim can be a dirty business. But we have decided to clean it up by being more resource efficient, and thread by thread create a better denim world.