Blue dawning.

Not all heroes are capes! But if there is a hero in Your Smart Wardrobe, it’s likely to be a pair of jeans. Through seasons and on travels. On parties and at work. Any time, any place, your favourite pair of jeans are your number one go-to garment. 
Are you ready for a new era in denim? A more creative, tactile and natural look? We’re exploring the unwashed, undyed and refined denim, and finding new ways to lower our impact on our planet. 
Undyed collection
Ready for a new era in denim and an undyed, raw and unique expression? Within the collection you’ll find garments made of undyed and unbleached cotton and with a whole new appearance. This is denim in its most natural form. Are you ready for a new take on denim?
One bottle one garment
Washing denim the conventional way can use up to 45 litres of water per garment. By using new innovative technology only one bottle of water is needed in the washing process. Instead of water, air and laser has achieved the denim look and feel. And the result? A 80% saving of water and a statement piece for the future.
Make your denim last longer – with these 6 tips
Denim is one of Your Smart Wardrobe’s true-blue hero pieces. Take good care of them, and they’ll last even longer.
One Bottle & The Rinse Collection
We’re on a journey towards better denim. And we want to lower our impact one step, and one bottle of water at the time.
Denim to love. Forever.
We love pieces that you can rely on. And always feel comfy and stylish in. Denim is a true wardrobe hero. So easy to style and so ready to go.
Is the year of 2022 your new denim year?
We’ve teamed up with Kakan Hermansson, Annika Leone, Michelle Jeng & Frida Lund to hear their take on Lindex denim. Click on the link to read more about our denim collaborations.