Time to present this season’s baby print

Many of us wants to celebrate Christmas together, even though we live far away from each other. So how can we make that happen? Well, let’s do it like the penguin and the polar bear - celebrate the holidays in the desert.

As always, we are proud and pleased to present new print and patterns, made by our very own designers at Lindex’ headquarter in Gothenburg. And remember, regardless of pattern, all our baby cotton garments are GOTS certified. Always. So, find your favourite patterns, choose among oh so many playful and comfy baby garments.

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For this season, that includes both winter and Christmas, we are focusing on cute friends and soft characteristic birds. And desert elements. Say hi to the penguin and the polar bear, the new patterns for The Colour Pops.
A merry Christmas
– In this print I felt it would be fun to play with characters who normally don’t live in the very same geographic area. Therefore, the penguin travels from Antarctica to spend the holidays with its friend the polar bear, who lives on the ice masses of the Arctic Ocean. And they meet up halfway, in the desert. Here they decorate cacti, not an easy job for a penguin, so it gets a bit tangled. But in the end, they enjoy a lovely Christmas together, says designer Adalmina Piechal.
The bullfinch is a well-known winter character, so easy to recognize when it comes to visit our garden winter land. And it also goes along with our Scandinavian theme for Soft Nature.
– We love the bullfinch! So, we thought it deserved a comeback this season as well. This time in a softer version surrounded by green twigs, says Adalmina Piechal.
The perfect gift
Hopefully, and probably, you've already discovered our 2-way zip pyjamas. A garment we're very proud of. The design makes nightly diaper changes so much easier since you don't have to take the whole PJ off to get rid of that diaper. Maybe your little darling doesn't even take notice and continues to dream sweet dreams. And psst, if you’re not mum or dad, this is the perfect gift. You may have tons of PJ’s and still you need more. And if there are siblings, it is fun to wear matching patterns.