How to create your smart wardrobe.

Some might call it capsule wardrobe, others call it basic wardrobe. We just call it a smart wardrobe.

And we asked Design Coordinator Camilla Madsen to give us her best tips on how to create a really smart wardrobe.

How shall I think if I want to add some new pieces but still act smart and sustainable?
– You don't have to be all hooked up to trends, just add fashion that you truly like and that brings you joy. Choose colours, silhouettes, pieces and qualities that you like, even on long-term.


What do you think is good wardrobe basics?
– My basics are black. Yours might be light coloured or maybe blue with lots of denim, or other you like and that suits you. My black basics consists of all my favourite silhouettes, in many different fabrics that makes it work over the seasons. And I always want a stylish white shirt and a t-shirt together with all the black.
What style should I go for?
– Your own style! Make your wardrobe personal! What do you like the most, what do you feel extra comfy in and what makes you feel extra confident? For example what colours do you like? Mix new accessories, old favourites, modern patterns and vintage. I love dresses and figure-fit pieces combined with oversized - clothes that gives a comfy yet dressed look. It's you that need to like your style.
How do I maximize my wardrobe?
– When wearing my black basics, which always is a good option, I want to add the fun! To me it's often a dress or an item in a lovely colour! Remember that one piece can be worn in so many ways by combining and matching it with other pieces. A smart wardrobe gives you a lot of options and makes it easy to quickly find outfits on the go.
How do I know what to clean-out?
– Clean-out your wardrobe from pieces you don't wear. Donate items that can make someone else happy and leave the stuff that is too worn-out to Lindex' textile recycling, placed in all stores. After a clean-out the magic happens - the wardrobe transforms from "I have nothing to wear" to "my wardrobe is fantastic!". It gets more airy and gives you a good overview, and you can easily see what's missing to make it complete. That will save you from making bad purchases.
Is it a yes or a no?
– Does it make you happy? I usually shop and clean-out with the mantra that the item or accessory has to give me a great feeling. Therefor I only have pieces I like. Like my box of earrings for example, it makes me happy every day!
How do I get order?
Plan your wardrobe from without the pieces you have. Do you need more space to hang or to fold your clothes? With the perfect space it's smart to divide into colours, silhouettes and possible use. That will make it easy to find and keep order. In addition to that I put all my folded pieces upended, that makes it easier to see from above and I don't have to lift it and mess it all up when trying to find pieces in the bottom of a pile.
And how do I get my clothes to last?
– Take care of your clothes. Keep in mind that it shall last long both for the environment and for your own economy. Air it often outside, keep it airy in the wardrobe and wash and iron the fabrics correctly.
Do you have one last advice?
– Make the clean-out to a good habit. I clean-out at least two times a year, often more and always when turning into a new season. When I bring out the items of the season it's like having a new wardrobe.
Add the details you need!
Maybe a dress, the white shirt, a comfy cardigan or the perfect bag or. Make your wardrobe complete - and personal!