Period-proof panty guide

Say hello to the future of period protection from Female Engineering. This spotless guide covers all the need-to-know for making the switch from tampons and liners to reusable period undies. Ready, set, flow!
Find your panty style
Whether you’re a brief or boxer kinda gal or a fan of the almost invisible – we got you covered. Literally. Find your fave fit, style, and get ready to flow freely.
The ever-so-popular Hiphugger is a tried-and-true undie essential that offer equal parts comfort, protection, and support. A semi-low rise for no-show wear.
High Waist
The sky is the limit with these high-waisted heroines. Always stretchy and never clingy, this style will ensure all-day comfort and style. Through your cycle and beyond.
For those days you need a little bit protection, but a whole lot of comfort. The Engineered Thong is unseen but powerful, because you deserve to period in style.
Meet the Boxer, the queen of comfort. This ready-to-wear classic will see you from the sheets to the streets, and keep you dry and protected all day long.
Our bikini is designed with a low waist and high cut leg, making them the perfect less coverage period panty.
Inspired by the beaches of Brazil, this high-performer will keep you worry-free and protected on your light flow days. Go cheeky and period in style with this well-loved favourite.
Sleep through a storm (or flood) with these powerful period panties. Enforced with our highest absorbency level, an extended gusset, and extra front-to-back coverage
Empowering young minds with comfort and confidence from the first drop. With beginner-friendly protection that follows them from school, to gym class, and back home again.
While you’re patiently waiting, we´ll support you though life’s little (or heavy) leaks. With a soft belly-cover and integrated panels, for under-tummy and lower back support.
Find your absorbency level
Wondering how much protection you need? We got you covered from the first drop to the last, with absorbency level mini to super.
Absorbs up to 5 ml
1/2 tampon/1 panty liner
Absorbs up to 10 ml
1 tampon/pad
Absorbs up to 20 ml
2 tampons/pads
Absorbs up to 30 ml
3 tampons/pads
Absorbs up to 40 ml
4 tampons/pads
Absorbs up to 50 ml
5 tampons/pads
Find your waist rise
Are you a fan of the classic mid-rise? Our regular waist hits right at the natural waistline and fits seamlessly under regular-cut bottoms. An everyday essential that always stays in place.
Do you like to stay comfy while aiming high? Then our high-hipped fit might be for you. Cut just below the belly and with wide sides that don’t dig in, for all the comfort you deserve.
How do they work?
Period panties are much like regular underwear but with added functionality that absorbs menstruation blood, prevents leaks, controls odour, and wicks moisture.
The secret is the Engineered Leak Tech™ - a patented technology consisting of three different layers working together to keep you dry, comfy and odour-free. Wear your period panties for up to 10 hours. Wash, dry, wear them again and again.
Size guide
Not sure of your size? Time to grab the old tape measure and get that unique body of yours measured up!
Period panty care guide
Washing your period panties
Washing the period panties is easy. The only step that differs from washing ordinary underwear is the pre-rinsing. Follow these three simple steps.
How do I store my period panties if I can't wash them immediately?

If you can’t wash your panties immediately, just rinse them right after use and hang them up to dry. After that, just put them in your laundry basket along with your other clothes and wash them when it suits you.
Is washing them in 40°C really enough to keep the period underwear hygienic?

The layers in the gusset of the underwear are treated with an anti-odour and antimicrobial treatment that prevents the growth of bacteria. This means that you can wash your period underwear in cooler temperatures and still keep them clean and hygienic. 
Our materials
Female Engineering’s period panties are made to be used again and again. This is why we design them with great attention to details. Like the material blends, all developed for a soft and barely-there feel. Here are some of the materials we use.
Organic PIMA cotton 
All the cotton we use at Female Engineering is organic, which means it is grown without genetically modified seeds, pesticides, or synthetic fertilisers. But that’s not all – most of our cotton is organic PIMA cotton. PIMA a premium cotton with longer and silkier fibres, making it incredibly smooth against the skin and stronger than conventional cotton. 
Recycled Polyamid
Polyamide is known for its stretchy and durable features. We mostly use recycled polyamide, which is usually made from pre-consumer fabric waste, but can also come from post-consumer materials like industrial fishing nets. 
Recycled Polyester
We use recycled polyester for its stain-resistant and quick-drying features. Recycled polyester is usually made from plastic bottles, packaging, or textile waste. 
More styles
Let’s boost our youngsters with some period confidence. Starting from the first drop.
Discover our period-proof undies for the modern mother.
Meet our long-lived tops and bras that combine premium quality and contemporary design.
Menopause clothing
Expore our groundbreaking menopause clothing and nightwear, where timeless design meets innovative Anti-Flush™ technology.
Non-negotiable style and smart storage in one. Because your fave things deserve to travel with style.
Intimate care
From moisturizing oil to calming balm – treat your intimates with some extra soothing care.
45-day trial offer
Being female should be hassle-free. That’s why we offer a 45-day free trial when you buy our period underwear for the first time. Simply buy it, try it, wear and wash it. If you're not satisfied, let us know and we’ll refund you fully.
About Female Engineering
We are a Swedish femtech brand with the goal of reinventing female freedom. We’re here to find solutions to women’s real needs, riding the wave of period consciousness straight into the mainstream.
Your most common questions

Is the period panty leak-proof even if you bleed heavily?

Female Engineering® make period-proof underwear for all flow levels, from light to heavy bleeders. For those worried about bleeding more, we recommend starting out by wearing the period panty at home during a heavy bleeding day. That will put it to the test and make it easier to figure out how it works.​

How many times can they be used and washed? How long will they last?​

Our period panties are made to last at least 50 washes, which is far above industry standards. The number of washes is determined by the gusset absorption layer in our Engineered Leak Tech™, which has an antibacterial and anti-odour treatment that tends to lose a little bit of effectiveness after 50 washes. It is likely that the function of the panty will last longer though, but 50 washes is what we can guarantee. However, the fabric, form and fit of the panty will last a lot longer. If a panty is worn and washed once per menstruation cycle, it will last around 4 years.​

How much blood can the period underwear hold?

Our period-proof underwear come in different absorbency levels, much like disposable menstrual products: 

5 ml Mini ≈ ½ tampon/panty liner

10 ml Light ≈ 1 tampon/pad 

20 ml Medium ≈ 2 tampons/pads 

30 ml Mid-high ≈ 3 tampons/pads 

40 ml High ≈ 4 tampons/ pads 

50 ml Super ≈ 5 tampons/ pads 

From heavy period to lighter days:

Based on light panty liner, normal size tampon and normal sized pad. This means that the Mid-high period panty for example has the capacity to hold up to 30 ml of blood, which is almost equal to the total amount of the average menstrual fluid loss per one whole period - which is 35 ml (but varying between 20 and 80 ml).