Bra guide

All you need to know about bras from what sizes we carry, how to find your favourite fit and how to take care of your bra. We are here to support you.
11 good bras. Always the same fit.
Have you heard about our smart bra system? We guarantee that your favourite fit will always stay the same. No matter colour or material. So, all you have to do is to find your favourite fit and love it forever.
T-shirt bra

A t-shirt bra with wider shoulder straps for extra good support. This is your go-to if you have a fuller bust.

T-shirt bra

Our top-seller t-shirt bra giving you great support and comfort at the same time. And yes, it looks great under t-shirts.

T-shirt bra
A t-shirt bra developed especially for you with a fuller bust, up to H cup. The cup gives a maximal yet smooth support. Available from 65 circumference. 
Balconette bra

If you want less coverage and thin padding, the balconette bra is your choice. A great all-rounder if you have a fuller bust. 

Balconette bra

Some clothes call for strapless bras. Our version comes with detachable straps with a multiway-function for when you want to go cross-back or halter neck.

Wirefree bra
So comfortable you’ll forget that you are wearing a bra. Wirefree with a v-neck shape and light padded cups for great support.
Wirefree bra
Almost as good as going bra less. This wirefree bra is super soft and oh-so comfortable. Midi coverage and with padded cups.
Unpadded bra
No padding? No problem. The unpadded bra with underwire cups and natural silhouette is great for anyone looking to support a fuller bust.
Unpadded bra
An unpadded wire bra with a maximal support. This bra is developed especially for you with a fuller bust, up to H cup. Available from 65 circumference.
Push-up bra
Support your curves without comprising on comfort. Will give you a natural looking lift for those times when you feel like it.
Push-up bra
Want to add some extra oomph to your silhouette? This push-bra with maximum padding will give you great lift and support.
ella m
Intricate details, great design and super comfortable styles. Our ella m range really is that little extra.
ella m
Unpadded wire bra
Designed with unpadded and less coverage cups, but still with great support thanks to the underwire. An irresistible fit that will enrich your underwear wardrobe.
ella m
Unpadded wire bra
Our declaration of love for the fuller bust wanting great support and a natural silhouette. Wider shoulder straps and reinforced cup lining completed with a beautiful design.
ella m
T-shirt bra
Super comfortable, featuring decorative detailing and our soft luxury padding that feels super soft when wearing it. A bestselling ella m bra you will want to wear every day.
ella m
Push-up bra
The push-up bra for when you want an extra lift without compromising with comfort. Features a seamless transition from strap to cup and our soft luxury padding.
ella m
Push-up bra
A beautiful push-up bra featuring a lightweight padding for a soft and natural lift. For moments when you want a gorgeous design with that little extra something.
ella m
Unpadded bra
The bra for anyone who loves unpadded but want the support of an underwire. Accentuates your silhouette with a beautiful design.
ella m
T-shirt bra
The perfect bra if you want a comfy t-shirt bra with light padded cups and comfy support. Embraces your bust and enhances your own silhouette.
Bra sizes
Haven’t found your fit yet? No worries. We will help you and guide you to your favourite bra to love and wear over and over again.

How do I know my size?

– Start by measuring your circumference directly under the bust. Then, measure over the fullest part of your bust. That’s it! In our size table you will see your actual size.


Do I have to update my size?

– Yes. Even if you always have been a size 75B, the size can change. Your body changes over time and so does your size. So, remember to measure your bust once in a while to make sure you have your best size and fit for your bust.

More styles
A new level of soft
Upgrade your collection of bras with styles so soft you almost forget that you are wearing them.
Hey mama
We have got your back with maternity bras making those special moments a little easier. 
Full cup
Introducing full cup sizes on selected soft bras. Same comfy fit, larger cup sizes. Great for anyone with fuller bust and smaller circumference. 
Made to move
Sport bras that will follow your every move no matter the workout.
Check your breasts
Today is the day to start checking your breasts. We will guide you in how to do it.
Prosthesis Bra
A special design bra for when you are looking for breast balance after a mastectomy. Our prosthesis bras are made with soft microfiber and both cups fitted for prosthesis.
Most common questions

What sizes do you offer?

– Lindex offers cup size AA–H and size 65–100 in circumference. If you can’t find your size in store, you can always order it online. Our assortment is based on our customers’ demand and we try to have as many sizes as possible. Unfortunately, we can’t always offer all fits in every single size.

Cup overflow - why is that?

– Then your bra is too small, and you need a bigger cup size.

I have a dress with a crossed back. Which bra shall I choose?

– You can go for a bra with multifunction and cross the straps to the back. Or you can buy a strap holder, to use with your favourite bra, to cross the straps at the back.

My straps keep falling. What’s wrong?

– Maybe you’re wearing a balconette bra which is wider between the straps. Try another style. If that doesn’t help, use nonslip shoulder pads or a bra extension to keep the straps in place.

The Little Care Guide
Hands-on tips from our bra experts.

How often should I wash my bras?

That depends how often you wear it of course. A great tip is having a few bras you love and wear on rotation, this will mean you don’t have to wash them too often. It will give the elastic a break between each wear and so it can easily return to its original shape.

Do I need to hand-wash my bras? 

The simple answer is yes. It really is best to get all the dirt out of your bra and you are also making sure that your bra stays in good shape. Don’t like the idea of that? Well, just put it in the sink with cold water and mild detergent and put on your favourite series, rinse, and hang them to dry.

What more can I do to keep my bras in good shape?

Always clasp the back to make sure nothing gets caught in your drawer. Then stack them on top of each other with the cups pointing upwards. This will maintain their shape.

Can I wash them in the machine inside a washing-bag? 

Well, yes you can, but if you do, always make sure you put the machine on a gentle cycle. And you need to put your bras in a mesh laundry bag and remember not to wash it with heavy garments. 

How do I dry my bras?

After you’ve given them a hand-wash, pat the bra between a clean towel to get rid of excess water and to absorb the moist. Make sure to reshape the cups when you are done. With a padded bra pull gently on the cup to avoid them losing their shape when the bra dries. Then hang your bras to dry. Never let the bra hang from one strap as this can cause unnecessary stretching to the fabric.