Support Your Sisters

We all know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. A friend, a mum, a sister or maybe even yourself. This year we let the women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer tell their stories. Because they deserve to be heard and we deserve to hear their stories. The global survival rates of breast cancer get better every year. And the research won´t stop until every woman survives. Together we can make a difference. 
Check your breasts
 Today is the day to start checking your breasts. We will guide you in how to do it.
Real Talks
From getting diagnosed to getting a new perspective on life. Hear the intimate stories from women who know what it’s like. 
Every little helps
We have been involved in the Pink Ribbon campaign since the start in 2003 and all thanks to you we have raised a total of 19,3 MEUR for cancer research. Together we can make a difference and save lives. 
Support your Sisters Day
We are now introducing Support Your Sisters Day, a friendly yet important reminder to check your breasts the second of every new month. Checking your breasts and finding lumps at an early stage will help the prognosis. Go tell all of your sisters and mark the second in your calendar! 
Prosthesis Bra
A special design bra for when you are looking for breast balance after a mastectomy. Our prosthesis bras are made with soft microfiber and both cups fitted for prosthesis.