Pink Month
10% of all sales from the Pink Collection will go to cancer research.  Make your wardrobe soft and cosy, and do good at the same time.   
Stronger Together
One month dedicated to cancer research. 
We have been supporting cancer awareness since 2003. Thus far, we have raised 16 MEUR. All because of you.  This year we want to be stronger together again. Hope that you are with us.
A collection for a greater cause 
The Pink styles have comfiness written all over them. A collection made for hope and pieces that feel like a warm embrace. From soft bouclé to cosy velour, these are long-lasting pieces to get snug in. And the best thing of all? When you shop from the collection, you are helping us raise money for cancer research. Feel comfy and do good.
True conversations
‘Thanks to research I am here today.’ 
Elsy was diagnosed last year with triple-negative breast cancer. A type of cancer that needs aggressive treatment.
‘I realized I had a lump when sitting in a Teams-meeting.’ 
All her life Lindas has feared breast cancer. Today, seven months since diagnosis, she is free of cancer.
‘We were unlucky and lucky at the same time.’
Mum and daughter Karin and Karina both got cancer and were told it was not hereditary.
Breast Self-Exam
If you know what’s normal for you it will be easier to find any changes in your breasts. Discovering breast cancer early will help the prognosis. Here are some tips before you begin. Don’t start looking for changes, just get to know how they feel. And remember most lumps are not cancer. Pain and tenderness are not usual symptoms for breast cancer. But more likely due to hormonal changes. Below we will show you how to examine your breasts in three simple steps. And remember that it is best to check your breast once a month.
Step 1.
Look in the mirror
Raise your arms over your head and look for any changes.
Are your breasts their usual shape?
Is the skin smooth and have its normal colour? 
Do the nipples look ok, and do they follow upwards when raising your arms?
Step 2.
Check your breasts
Place one hand behind your head.
Check your left breast and armpit with your right hand and the other way around. 
Straight fingers and light pressure. Small circular movements around the breast several times. 
Start with the nipple. Move your fingers a centimeter at a time and go round the breast. Keep doing this until you have examined the whole breast. Finish at the armpit.
Step 3.
Lay down 
Place your left hand under your head and check your left breast and armpit.
How does the breast feel?
Any lumps or induration? 
Is the breast the same size as usual?
And the firmness as usual?
Check your breast challenge 
Calling all women! During October and Pink Month this year, we would like to encourage all women to start doing the breast self-exam more often. This can help find lumps early when it’s more likely to be treated successfully. All you have to do is upload an image to your open Instagram account, use #LindexStrongerTogether and we will donate 1€ for every uploaded image.   
Check yourself and do good at the same time.