3 out of 4 women have experienced negative pressure due to beauty ideals*

It’s time to Reinvent the Model
Beauty ideals aren’t anything new, they have been around almost as long as humans. But in many cases they affect us in a negative way, so we have decided to make a change and challenge old beauty ideals.
This is Reinvent the Model. A long-term initiative that aims to increase diversity and broaden inclusion within the fashion world. 
Real Talks – the documentary
We started by listening and asked a group of women to speak their mind about ideals and inclusion. This is what they said.
7 out of 10 women feel that the problems surrounding beauty ideals are increasing*
What we aim for
It’s not enough to listen. We need to walk the talk. This is what we are committed to do.
”50 years ago, it would probably have been unthinkable to see a transperson as a fashion model.”
Aleksa, model and participant in the documentary Real Talks
Dig deeper
The subject of beauty ideals and inclusion is huge and can be difficult to grasp. The good news is that there are many good readings, videos, and other sources that digs deeper into the matter.

Here we will gather some of them if you want to know more. And feel welcome to save the link, because we will add more along the way. 
”We aim to make fashion that is ageless and lingerie that supports women through all stages of life.”
Camilla Madsen, head of design, Lindex

*The study was conducted in March 2023 in Sweden. A total of 500 interviews were conducted with the target group of women aged 16-65. The method was online interviews on Norstat's gold panel, a randomly recruited panel with a nationally representative sample of respondents. The data is compiled by Insight Distillery.