Kids’ jackets

Browse our assortment of kids’ jackets. Choose from rain jackets, softshell jackets, shell jackets and much more. Here you’ll find something for every season: from water-repellent winter jackets to summer denim jackets and light spring jackets.
Find the right jacket for the children
Choosing the right jacket can be a bit tricky sometimes. Our waterproof and water repellent childrens’ jackets are the perfect choice for preschool and outdoor play. Here you’ll find everything from lightweight softshell jackets and weatherproof shell jackets for the milder seasons as well as warm, padded winter jackets for the colder winter months. Add warming layers if necessary, such as fleece  and thermal layers  in soft merino wool depending on the temperature and season. Puffer jackets and on-trend parka coats are a great choice for style-conscious teens.
Children's jackets for festive occasions
We know that functional jackets are a big plus, but sometimes the kiddos just want to dress up a bit and we offer a selection of jackets that are suitable for most occasions. Such as cute faux fur jackets, soft teddy jackets, cool bomber jackets or maybe a sporty baseball jacket. In the summer, a classic denim jacket is a must. Regardless of the occasion, you’ll find a wide selection of jackets for children here.