Kids’ jeans

Comfy baggy jeans, white denim or black, bootcut, high waist, slim fit or wide legs. Here you’ll find jeans that are made for active kids, both small and big ones. Unsure about what fit to get? No worries, check out our jeans guide to compare different styles.
Comfy kids’ jeans for many occasions
Elevate your kids' jeans wardrobe with our collection of denim styles. Whether they need a pair of staple black jeans or are looking for something trendier like flared jeans – we’ve got loads of different styles to fit your little ones’ liking. And for the tiniest ones we’ve got ultra comfy jeans in super stretch fabric that ensures comfort all day long.
Smart functions to ensure maximal comfort
Our jeans for kids come with adjustable, elastic waists, pull-up designs and other smart features to keep up with their every move. Our kids’ jeans range between sizes 92-170, meaning both the smallest family members as well as your teens can find their favourites in our assortment. From patchwork jeans and ripped jeans to wide and skinny jeans, we have something for every mood. 
Care for the kiddos jeans and then pass them on
To make sure their jeans last as long as possible, avoid washing as much as possible. And if you have to wash them – turn them inside out and use a mild detergent. Dirt and stains can be removed with spot treatment rather than washing the whole garment. And if they break – fix them. With our denim repair patches and iron-on patches with fun motifs, rips and tears are easily mended. When your kid has outgrown their jeans – pass them on to someone else. Check out our kids’ jeans guide and our clothing care for more smart tips and products.