The gift card is sent directly to your friend's email



The gift card is sent directly to your friend's mobile phone



Print your gift card directly on your printer


Print a gift card

Looking for a stylish gift card to bring directly to your friend's party? The Lindex gift card is also possible to print on your own printer. It's a great way to give and receive the perfect fashion gift in a more personal way.

If the printout by an accident gets destroyed and is not suitable for giving as a gift to your friend, you can always print it again as long as you have the receipt.

1. Value and recipient

  • (Enter an amount between 5 - 500 GBP)
    You must enter an amount between 5 - 500 GBP
  • You have to enter the receivers name

2. Submitted by

  • You must enter who the sender is
  • (Introduction phrase for the message. Example: Congratulations, Hi, Merry Christmas)
    You must enter a title for the message
  • (0 characters left. Only letters and numbers allowed)
    (0 characters to much!)
    You must write a message (max 500 characters)
  • (Signature for the message. For example your name, family)

3. Payment

  • (It is usually the sender's email address)
    You must enter a valid Email address
  • (Enter a mobile number that customer service can reach you at if more information will be needed. Only numbers are allowed)
    Only numbers are allowed

Numbers of gift cards: 0 st

Freight cost: 0

Toatal amount to pay: 0.00 GBP

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