The gift card is sent directly to your friend's email



The gift card is sent directly to your friend's mobile phone



Print your gift card directly on your printer


Gift card - The perfect fashion gift

The Lindex gift card is perfect for those times when you are having a hard time finding that special something to your near and dear ones. With our gift card, the receivers can choose the things they want or need the most. It's simply the perfect fashion gift.

When you buy a gift card online, it can be received through a variety of ways - by post, text message* or email. You can also print the gift card on your own printer if you rather would like to hand it over personally.

Either way you choose, we can practically ensure you it's a fail-proof gift to all fashion lovers.

* NOTE! Valid only for sending to and from UK cell phone numbers.

Check the balance on your gift card

If you want to check the balance and view previous transactions on your gift card, just press "Show balance" and enter your card number and PIN.

Check balance ►

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