With sustainability in mind

Only the best is good enough for babies and in our playful baby assortment there are no exceptions. Here you'll find small garments with great properties where quality, function and sustainability go hand in hand. Always.

The garments functions are something we always have got in mind when we´re designing baby clothes. We want them to ease your everyday life, be comfy to wear and last a long time. Katarina Falk, buyer of Kids´ Wear, explains:

“Our assortment reflexes the most important features of Lindex: It´s soft, sustainable and with irresistible patterns. Our baby clothes are made of high quality and with smart functions, such as Extended size solution. It means you will get two sizes out of one garment. As your baby is growing, so does his garment. And when it's too small you can pass the garment over to someone else. That´s what we call long lasting adventures.“

Lindex in collaboration with CottonConnect
This pyjama is one in a million. Literally.
As a first step towards 100% organic cotton, we have made one million baby pyjamas. They are all made from cotton produced by the women participating in the ‘Women in Cotton’ programme — and that makes us so proud of them. These pyjamas are a symbol of empowerment and will have long-term effects on future generations.  
Today 80% of our cotton is organic — and our entire baby assortment is made of organic cotton. 
With the future in mind.
Baby clothes for everyone
Our baby clothes are unisex (great, right?), which means that your taste is the only thing that matters. And to give more children the opportunity to wear our soft designed garments, we have now expanded our size range on the baby assortment up to size 104 online.
And if that wasn´t enough, all our bodies up to size 68 are wrap bodies. Easier for you, comfier for your baby.
As you can see, you can rest assure that you are making a smart and sustainable choice when you´re buying baby clothes from us.
Certified baby clothes
Another great thing is that we only use organic cotton in our baby collections (hurrah!) and all cotton garments are GOTS certified. That proofs that coloring, printing and every part of the production process are approved by the GOTS´ criteria. This is clothes made with fair terms.
A product marked with GOTS must be produced from at least 70% organic fibers and this standard covers even all the processes in the production such as yarn spinning, preparation and accessories until the garment is finished.
GOTS certification
What is GOTS, you wonder. It stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and is an international label for clothing and textiles which includes both social and environmental requirements. GOTS aims to make it easier for the consumer to choose textile products where a holistic perspective has been taken with consideration to the environment and social responsibility throughout the entire production process.
Hands up to more sustainable materials
By reducing the numbers of suppliers, we get increased transparency and thus better insight in our factories. That means we can implement changes that improves the lives of those who are working in the factories.
The garments that are not GOTS-labeled are instead made from recycled materials. You can be sure that you´re always making a good choice when buying baby clothes from Lindex.