Pretty clever baby clothes

Lindex' baby collections have got a lot of inventive and smart features that simplify your everyday life with the baby. The fact that the garments are made of sustainable materials isn't that bad either.

We like things easy. That´s why we´ve got something called Extended size solution. That means that the cuffs can be folded down at sleeves and ankles. There is also an extra row of buttons in the branch. Just like that, you have got a whole new size. Without buying new clothes.

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Smart Pyjamas

We are aware that diaper changes isn't the funniest thing in the middle of the night, with a tired baby and perhaps even more tired parents. What a coincidence – our baby pajamas are equipped with a 2-way-zip that can be opened both from the top and from the bottom. This gives you time for more important things. Like sleep, for example…

Plus, our baby clothes are unisex (did someone just said hurrah?) and online you can buy them up to size 104. And if that wasn´t enough, all our bodies up to size 68 are wrap bodies. Easier for you, comfier for your baby.

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Lindex + Sustainability = Always.

Giving the garments a longer life is only one part of Lindex´s sustainability work. We are always using the best materials with the highest quality, to make sure the clothes will last for generations and can be inherited by younger siblings or other children.

Our baby clothes are either GOTS certified or made of recycled materials and they are always made of 100% organic cotton. To take care about the environment and the people of the production the best we can is a matter of course to us. Always.

GOTS certification
What is GOTS, you wonder. It stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and is an international label for clothing and textiles which includes both social and environmental requirements. GOTS aims to make it easier for the consumer to choose textile products where a holistic perspective has been taken with consideration to the environment and social responsibility throughout the entire production process.