better women´s denim

Explore the better women’s denim from better jackets to better jeans,
all responsibly made so you can look good and feel good.

Choose VERA Skinny High Jeans, £29.99


When you see this symbol, drag to reveal a hidden layer & find out more about our sustainable story.

the team behind the denim

Meet Kristina

Kids assortment manager

“Sustainable denim to me is a way of making the world a better place for the next generation. By using less water, energy and chemicals we are finding ways to minimize the carbon footprint of jeans. Our responsibility towards our customers, family and friends is what makes me believe in this.”

Think layer on layer to achieve the triple denim look

More than just a shoe

Decrease your ecological footprint with
sustainable shoes made from reused materials.


the team behind the denim

Meet Michaela


“In my role as a buyer I can ensure that we have the right products that are made in a good and sustainable way. To be a part of the fashion world you have a huge responsibility and I am happy to be a part of a brand that believes that sustainable is the way forward.”

Choose Patterned Scarf, £1.95

All of our denim materials comes from sustainable sources

Even Better Denim

These jeans are specially designed with extra care for people and environment, where everything but the thread is made from sustainable materials. Better for you. Better for nature.


More sustainable shank buttons than traditionally plated metallic ones.


The metal teeth and slider is made of recycled metal.


More sustainable rivets then traditionally plated metallic ones.


100 % sustainable cotton produced with less water and chemicals.

the team behind the denim

Meet Catrin

Buyer women’s department

“Being a parent it is important for me that I try my absolute best to produce clothes in a sustainable way. I want my kids and new generations to enjoy our nature the same way we can. The future is in our hands and I am proud to be a part of this new journey we’re taking.“

the team behind the denim

Meet Ismail

Global Product Developer

”From our production countries to our headquarters, from the source to the development, we are all involved in this year’s most important collection. With a clear vision the work towards the goal is so much easier, I am so proud that we are doing this!”

Sold out Trenchcoat, £34.95
Choose VERA Skinny High Jeans, £29.99
Choose Leather Belt, £14.99
Sold out Denim Blouse, £14.95
Choose Slim High Waist Jeans, £29.99
Sold out Denim Blouse, £14.95

the team behind the denim

Meet Camilla


”Customers and producers alike, we all have a responsibility to make sustainable choices. That is why the new denim range at Lindex makes me so proud. We’ve managed to convert a great number of washes from conventional to low impact washes. Better for the planet, better for the future.”

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