One cup for every cup 
Lindex and MonthlyCup are helping women together. For every menstrual cup sold at or in selected Lindex stores, one cup is donated to female textile workers in need of sanitary protection. Your freedom will give another woman freedom. Thank you for helping us in making a difference.

Menstrual cup

The MonthlyCup is an easy-to-wear, small foldable and reusable device made in Sweden from medical grade silicone.  It collects your menstrual blood rather than absorbing it and most importantly, it gives you freedom to do what you want when you want. The cups are designed for long-term use, and they are reusable which means leaving less of a waste to clog up landfills and fewer trees are sacrificed to make paper and plastic-based alternatives. Your vaginal PH and beneficial bacteria will also stay in place since the cup will respect your delicate and natural balance.
And the list of good things continues. There will be fewer times you need to go and buy new hygiene protection and there will be more time between changes. Tampons need to be replaced every four to eight hours. With the cup you can go up to 12 hours without having to empty it. How great is that? 
The MonthlyCup Guide
Are you on your period and wondering if there is a better alternative than tampons or pads? Look no further, the MontlyCup is your convenient and eco-friendly way to go.  On average you spend  7 years menstruating. And you buy 12 000 disposable sanitary products over your lifetime. And what’s more? Over a 10-year period you will save 540 €. That is a lot of money you can spend on more fun things.   
Frequently asked questions


A cup for freedom
Having your period can be a real pain. But most of us always have access to sanitary protection. That is not the case for all women that are menstruating. Did you know that in other parts of the world women are forced to use anything at hand as protection? 

Grass, chicken feathers, leaves or old pieces of mattress. This causes a tremendous risk of infection and not to mention the discomfort and leakages.

The taboo surrounding periods in these areas are widely spread. It’s something that should be kept to yourself. Young girls are burdened by this and leaves them dropping out of school. One of the first and foremost reasons why MonthlyCup started their own production was to be able to make a difference for these women.

The company was founded by Lisa Perby in 2014. All products are manufactured in Sweden and today MonthlyCup is the market leader of menstrual cups in Sweden.