A soft start

From day one, we are here to support you inside your little baby bubble. Our smart start kit is a good first buy when it comes to building their first little wardrobe. With “Extended size solution” it lasts longer and each garment is GOTS certified.
The kit is available in sizes 50-68, and you easily order it online. Find your favourite pattern and colour theme and give them a softer start.
Newborn checklist
Calling all baby preppers! To help you with all the preparations we’ve made this checklist, and we hope it will make things a little easier for you. The blankets, the bibs, the smart bodysuits, the comfy PJ’s and much more. All GOTS certified or made with recycled materials.
Certified to do good
Did you know we only use organic cotton in our baby collections, and that all cotton garments are GOTS certified? That proofs that colouring, printing, and every part of the production process is approved by The Global Organic Textile Standard. A product market with GOTS also must be crafted from at least 70% organic fibres. All good, all the way.