Baby clothes with comfort in mind

Hey parents, friends, and family. We are here to make life with a baby a little easier for you. That is why all our baby garments are made with high quality materials and soft fabrics. Find play-ready bodysuits, cozy cardigans, and snuggly pyjamas, always crafted with comfort in mind. Everything you need for your little bundle of joy.
Sun protection for small sun lovers
We got bodysuits, hats and swimwear that allows the kids to play as they want, while staying protected from the sun.
Size guide for fast growers
We know how fast they grow. Our measuring guide makes it easier for you to select the right size for your little one.
A soft start
Give a comfy start to the very first wardrobe. This start kit is a soft way to go.
Kind sun protection
Protect their delicate skin from sunburn with the right gear. We got bodysuits, hats and swimwear that are tough against the sun but gentle on your baby.
The preschool checklist
Everything in place for that big day? Our smart checklist will help you on your way.
More sustainable garments
Did you know that all our baby garments are either GOTS certified or made from recycled materials? A better way to build their first wardrobe.
100% organic cotton. Always.
We only use 100% organic cotton in our garments. The result? Garments that are free from chemicals and gentle on your baby’s skin. 
The best for your baby
That first wardrobe should feel good, from the first seam to the last. That is why all our baby garments are either GOTS certified or made with recycled materials.
One garment. Two sizes.
We love things both comfy and smart. That’s why some of our baby bodysuits are made with a double snap buttoning and foldable sleeves. In that way, the garment can grow one size.
A smart deal
Is your baby’s smart wardrobe in need of some mindful renewal? Here are some of our best deals right now.