Soft t-shirt bra with fine fit

      With moulded cups and thin padding, the t-shirt bra has a beautiful fit. The fit makes it to a bra that is a good choice underneath figure-fit clothing.

      It comes in many styles and looks. Delicate, sheer lace, shiny and soft microfiber or soft, organic cotton. Our t-shirt bras fulfill many wishes in one single model. It is soft and comfy and gives good support. This is a bra that for sure has practically everything!

      Keep the name in mind

      When you've found your size and fit you've come a long way. That means that you won't have to put more time and energy in the dressing room. Because hen you know your size and fit the tough part is all done. You don't have to try again. We think you shall spend your time in a better than be standing all sweaty in a dressing room. That's something we think you appreciate!

      Fill your drawer with the models Love, Adore or Diva. We also have gorgeous t-shirt bras from Ella M, where severals have lovely deep v-neck, that suits perfectly underneath a top or dress with deep cut.

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