Fill the wardrobe with skirts of the season

      Voilà! The skirt is a fantastic piece to quick and easy emphasize your feminine look. We all prefer different lengths, cuts and fabrics. And that's why we have so many styles to pick from. Wrap skirt, soft jersey skirt, airy summer skirts, big patterns, fine stripes, knitting, chiffon, tulle or beautiful plait. You can create so many different looks with the skirt. The classic pencil skirt sets a chic look, especially with a tucked in blouse.

      Maxi skirt for an extra wow

      If you want to add a twist, match with a chunky knitted cardigan or choose a skirt with details such as eye-catching buttons or seams. The maxi skirt is a magic one, its length and width sets a cool look. With a plain top, a blouse or knitted sweater - the skirt can be paired with almost everything!

      Find your own expression

      Some wear skirt rather than trousers. Others wish they had a skirt on at least once or twice now and then, but choose the trousers anyways by old habit. The secret is to find your model and pair with pieces and accessories that you feel comfy in. Then you can go wild and dare to mix and match. Go for an outfit that is you, it gives you your very own expression and also an outfit that you really like.

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