Your invisible support

From your teenage years to your wise years. Through falling in love for the first time to the club nights that never end. From being pregnant to the endless nights with a baby. From menopause to finding yourself again. From leaving your job forever to helping your granddaughter finding her first bra. We are your invisible support through it all.
A good bra
A good bra has the qualities of being there at the right place and the right time. When you like it super comfortable, when you want to feel extra supported, when you want to show off the pretty details, because we can if we want to, or when you want to go on your life and not care about your bra at all. So next time you choose your bra, ask yourself – what kind of support do you need?
To be close. To be there. To feel the love. Support comes in many forms. And so do our bras.
Need a bit of support?
Our bra experts are more than happy to give you a helping hand finding your favourite size.
Here to support you since 1954
Great support
A bra should give you the support you need. And we are here to give you just that.
Finest details
We strive to find the best materials, so you can find a fit to love and live in.
Comfortable fits
We know the female body, so you can count on us for a fit that will work for you.
A good bra is even better with a great pair of briefs
Here to support you to a better bra.
Whether you’re into the soft and seamless, delicate lace or innovative features. We got you covered. Always. On you’ll find bras with cup sizes from AA-H and circumference between 65-100 cm.
You can never give too much support.