A smart bradrobe
A good bradrobe consists of styles that'll have you covered for all occassions. Choose from everyday t-shirt bras, gorgeous lace, seamless and soft to our sports bra for all your movement. Your good bradrobe starts here.
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Underwear that feels good

This page is all about our love for underwear and the female body. Here you’ll find articles and inspiration about our underwear and how they can compliment your body – under or with your clothes.
Bra Guide
Find your favourite fit and you’ll never have to try it again. We promise it will always stay the same, no matter color or material.
Bra Care Guide
Here you will find our bra care tips that will help you take care of your bras and extend their lifespan and maintain their fit.
Our no.1 bestseller bra
Looking for a t-shirt bra that offers both comfort and support? Meet Lilja, our absolute top-seller in bras. Make sure to give it a try too.
Smart bras
Did you know that 11 of our most popular bras have names? Making it easy for you to find your favourite fit. All you have to do is try once and love forever. We promise the fit will always stay the same.
The Tights Guide
Your wardrobe essentials right here. Whether you love them opaque, sheer, with control or in neutral colours. We have picked out our very best tights for you to love and wear on repeat.
Briefs Guide
Here you will get help to find your favourite pair of knickers, no matter what fit, waist level or material you are looking for.
Period-proof panty guide
In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about period-proof panties, including how they work, the different absorbency levels, and tips for choosing the perfect pair. Say goodbye to pads and tampons – let's dive in!
Check your breasts
Today is the day to start checking your breasts. We will guide you in how to do it.