Kids’ overalls

Looking for a winter overall or a waterproof overall for your kids? Our assortment contains overalls with many smart functions, for example some of them feature an adjustable waist, removable inner lining and reinforced knees. You’ll find them in sizes from 86 up to 128.
What kind of overalls should you get for your kid? 
Regardless of age, overalls are an essential garment in every kids’ wardrobe. Don't let the weather stop them from exploring the world. Imagine playing in the sandbox in a shell jumpsuit without getting dirty or facing the cold and snow in a warm winter jumpsuit. Our jumpsuits come loaded with practical details, have a water column between 2000 mm and 10,000 mm and are made of durable materials. Also, check out our soft base layers, hats, and gloves.
Practical and lightweight shell overalls for the kids
The shell overall is the perfect lightweight alternative for the milder seasons, providing protection against dirt, moisture, and wind. Here you’ll find styles both with and without lining, as well as styles with removable lining. Whether on the playground or during an adventurous forest walk, shell overalls are an ideal choice.
Warm kids snow suits for extra chilly days
As autumn brings in the chill, it's time to equip our children's wardrobes with the right attire. Our snow suits are both insulated and waterproof, ensuring protection against the cold and wet weather. Simultaneously, they are crafted with breathable materials that allow moisture to escape, keeping the little ones both warm and dry.
Waterproof, windproof materials and taped seams
To prevent water from getting in, the seams are covered with a thin layer of tape that is heat-sealed. In combination with the membrane and fabric impregnation, the garment is then considered waterproof as it can withstand rain and moisture.
Our overalls are crafted from fabric designed to block out the wind while retaining the garment's insulating functions. Therefore, our jumpsuits are wind-resistant as well. A padded and wind-resistant jumpsuit provides your child with additional warmth during chilly days. At the same time, the material wicks away moisture keeps your kid dry and comfy.
Durable, reinforced and breathable materials
Children spend many hours outdoors, and their clothes are exposed to wear and tear through play in all kinds of weather and activities, from sliding and sledding to obstacle course games. This naturally puts high demands on the clothing. Therefore, we've put extra focus on the back and knees to make the garments even more durable. These areas are reinforced on all our overalls to allow the kids to move freely.
Adjustable waistbands and replaceable, elastic foot straps
All overalls feature a convenient adjustable and elastic waistband. Perfect for a growing child or for those who prefer to wear the waist more snug or loose. They also come with replaceable elastic straps that prevent rain and snow from leaking in to the shoes. If the straps wear out, you can find replacements in our clothing care section. There, you'll also discover other practical accessories like patch kits, removable glove straps, reflective tape, and much more.