FIX. Outerwear loaded with superpowers

To kids, play is essential. And with the right outerwear there are no limits to explore the world, no matter weather or season. That’s why we have created FIX, outerwear designed to endure both weather and play with up to 10 000 mm water columns, taped seams, and reinforced details. Just to name a few. In short smart functions without compromising with quality.
FIX outerwear - loaded with superpowers
For top quality functional outerwear, look no further than Swedish label, FIX. Made for big and small adventures, FIX has been offering high performance kids’ functional clothes since 1925.
Even clothes feel better with the right care
Taking care of outerwear means it can last longer and be passed on to other kids without losing the garment’s functionality along the way.
A lesson in layers
Layer up from the inside and out. A smart way to keep them comfy and dry no matter the weather.