Moomin Shop

Our Moomin collection is inspired by the different Moomin characters, their personalities and what makes them unique. You’ll find them as playful prints and graphics on colourful clothes and accessories. 
Curious and brave, Moomintroll is a dreamer and a thinker who is always happy when spending time with his family and friends. He loves the sea and one of his biggest interests are collecting rocks and shells.
A crook and proud of it, Stinky is no stranger to crime and trouble and loves playing practical jokes on the other residents of Moominvalley. He only thinks of himself, yet the Moomin family still find it rather charming that they know a real rogue.
Little My
Brave and fearless, Little My loves to find out people’s secrets and keeps them secret. She is honest and reliable and always joins the Moomins for an adventure. Despite sometimes getting annoyed by small things, she would never do mean things on purpose.
Happy and energetic, Snorkmaiden is a daydreamer who often imagines what her prince charming will be like. Her species differs slightly from the Moomins, but she is still Moomintroll’s friend, and they love hanging out together.