Care guide for your wool garments

Wool is a cosy favorite in the wardrobe. It feels so soft and light against the skin. It will be your faithful friend at work, the festive dinner, a peaceful night in, and even during your outdoor workouts. If you take good care of your wool garment, you get a timeless and versatile piece that you can wear over and over again. A great addition to your smart wardrobe. Here we have gathered our best tips on how to take care of your wool clothes.
Keep in style with natural smart features
Wool is a natural fiber that has a unique ability to regulate body temperature; it heats when it's cold and cools when it's hot. The secret lies within the wool fiber itself. The fiber is frizzy, which means that a lot of air accumulates between the fibers. Airflow is key when it comes to feeling comfortable in your own skin. Wool also has a great ability to absorb moisture. It can hold up to 30 percent of its own weight. That’s why wool does not feel damp and cold against the skin. You remain dry and comfortable. Another amazing thing about wool is that it absorbs and neutralizes bad odors.
Wash less and gain more
A woolen garment needs to be washed less often than other garments. That’s a great saving for the environment. Think twice before you wash it. Maybe it’s enough to let it air for a while? Try using a damp cloth to wipe off small stains instead of washing the whole garment.
How to avoid felting and shrinkage
If you really feel like washing, follow the care instructions carefully. Wool is sensitive to felting and shrinkage. Hand wash unless the care instructions state otherwise. Low temperature, a specialized wool detergent and never rub or stretch the garment when it's wet are important rules to follow. After washing, gently squeeze the garment (do not twist), and then lay flat on a towel and leave to dry at room temperature.
Did you know?
Wool is a natural and renewable material, making it one of the most sustainable materials in the world. Wool fiber can be composted or recycled into something new. Hidden and forgotten at the far end of the closet, the garments do no good. If your wool garments are in great condition, please pass it on, so it can be loved and worn again.