Bikini and swimsuit care guide

The secret behind fun days in the sun? Always bring good swimwear and great friends. However, there are a few things you can do to make sure the good vibes keep on going in your swim ready wardrobe. We have gathered are our best tips on how to care for and wash bikinis and bathing suits. Suitable for all sun-worshipping tip toe dippers, wave lovers and all of us in between. Ready, set, swim. And rinse.
To maintain great comfort, fit and to keep those vibrant colours popping on your delicate bikini or swimsuit, you need to treat it with an easy hand and use kind cleaning methods. 
1. Rinse
Rinse swimwear in fresh water after each use to get rid of sand, salty water or swimming pool chemicals that may harm the delicate swimsuit material.
2. A gentle touch
After rinse, give it a gentle squeeze. Try rolling the garment into a towel to get rid of excess water. Do not stretch or wring. Lay flat on a towel to dry. 
3. Say no to the sun
At least if you are swimwear waiting to be dry. Avoid direct sunlight as it may fade the colours. 
4. Hand wash
Never wash swimwear in the washing machine. Padding, straps and its fit may be damaged. Handwash in cold water with mild soap is enough.
5. Airdry
It is important to always airdry swimwear. Never tumble dry as heat may harm the materials elastic properties. Also, never store damp swimwear.
6. Be careful with sunscreens and lotions
Sunscreen and lotion might leave stains on your favourite bikini or beloved swimsuit. Apply before you put on your swimwear to avoid these annoying stains. 
7. No more wear and tear
When you are relaxing, keep a towel between your swimwear and the surface underneath (especially if the surface is rough or uneven) to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.
8. UV-protecting swimwear
Also keep in mind that the protection offered by UV protecting swimwear may be reduced with frequent use, if stretched or when wet.