Safe fun under the sun

While the warmth is welcoming, it’s quite crucial to learn the importance of sun protection for babies.
Sunscreen lotion is a good start, but the next step is sun protection clothing. We have a wide range of garments that provide that extra level of care for outdoor activities like playing in the garden or trips to the beach. Sun hats, long sleeve tops, shorts, swimsuits and sunglasses, Lindex has your baby covered from head to toe.
Sun hats are always a smart idea for babies and children. It shields their heads and their eyes from the sun’s rays. A wide brim hat is a top choice, and we offer them in different colours and patterns, as well as fun reversible bucket hats. If your toddler has no problem wearing sunglasses, then check out our wide range of children’s sunglasses in fun styles with high UV protection. 
While it might be a standard choice to go for short sleeve tops during the warmer months, long sleeve tops in soft breathable cotton are an alternative for extra sun protection for your child.
UV sun protection clothes for infants

Our sun protection garments for infants come in a range of styles to suit your child’s needs. They also come in many sizes if you choose to match the siblings or would rather go one size up than usual for a looser fit and increased protection. 

The garments all boast UPF 50+ which means you can be confident that your toddler is getting optimal UV protection and experiencing all round comfort.

Some of our garments are even crafted from recycled polyester and polyamide, which makes shopping at Lindex a sustainable alternative.

Another reason to choose sun protection clothes from Lindex are the playful prints and color choices on offer. Choose their new favourites for the sunny, warmer days to come.