Game-changing period panties. Designed for you.
Mix 2 period panties for 250,-
Leak-proof technology, comfort out of the ordinary, and a barely-there feel. Mix 2 for 250,-. Valid on marked Female Engineering period panties online.
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How do they work?
Period panties are much like regular underwear but with added functionality that absorbs menstruation blood, prevents leaks, controls odour, and wicks moisture.
The secret is the Engineered Leak Tech™ - a patented technology consisting of three different layers working together to keep you dry, comfy and odour-free. Wear your period panties for up to 10 hours. Wash, dry, wear them again and again.
Washing your period panties
Washing the period panties is easy. The only step that differs from washing ordinary underwear is the pre-rinsing. Follow these three simple steps.
“This is revolutionary! I can wear my period panties a whole day without having to think about changing."
-Paula B