Launching this season’s print for Lindex’ baby clothing

Our skilled designers Emma Joëlson Utbult and Adalmina Piechal, have drawn new, lovely prints for the two Lindex’ baby collections Soft Nature and The Colour Pops.

In May 2019 you will find the playful and colourful patterns online and in store.

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What's the process like when creating a new print?

– Usually we plan for half a season at the time. We do that by collecting inspiration and processing ideas of what kind of prints and colour matching we want to work with and in what way the colours shall work with each other. Then we often draw a print which will play the main role in every collection and create matching prints and also monochrome pieces that all together will turn into a united wardrobe, Adalmina Piechal says.

The frog jumps in
– For Soft Nature I get a lot of inspiration from the Scandinavian nature, with animals and vegetation that you recognize from our Northern forests. For this season I have drawn a print with happy frogs jumping among water lilies in a pond and another one with lovely clover in the cow pen, Emma Joëlson Utbult says.
Both the frogs and the clover are completed with dreamy stripes, a trending pattern right now.

Colourful baby clothing

– When I draw a pattern for The Colour Pops, I want to make it playful and with character. My inspiration often comes from the animal kingdom, but also from fantasy worlds. Our little leopard mascot gets to play a part in the prints from time to time. Since the colours are important in The Colour Pops collection, the inspiration often comes from a certain colour palette, Adalmina Piechal says.

Our new buddy the octopus

– For this collection I have used the coral as main print. It's inspired from the life in the ocean. It´s a playful take on the coral reef full of life and the small creatures milling in it. The quirky octopus gets to play the main character and even has a print of its own. Team it with monochrome shorts or go for my summer favourite: the striped bib trousers with short legs, Adalmina Piechal says.

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Soft and playful unisex pieces
The Colour Pops collection is designed to be unisex. The thought behind both the collections is that you shall find your own favourite combinations and dare to mix and match! All our baby pieces are GOTS-certified or made from recycled materials.
– Regardless style, pattern or collection we always adjust the clothes to fit the babies that actually will wear them. Therefore the materials must be both soft and comfy, with cute expression and playful details. It's so much fun to constantly be developing new ideas and detailing for every piece. And we think it's an important job that our customers also like and appreciate, Emma Joëlson Utbult says.
Soft Nature is available in all of our stores that have our kid's wear assortment. The Colour Pops is available in selected stores and online. Online you can order both collections up to size 98/104.