Smart ways to wear the spring dress.

Do you love maxi dresses? Then look this way because we have got some clever little tricks for you.

The new dress loves to be styled in as many ways as possible, so you can make the most of the clothes in your wardrobe. Read on to see what we mean.


Style Shortcut No.1
When you want to be ready in a sec, go for the spring statement dress, which is so pretty in itself. If you love a good pattern, we think you love this one.
Style Shortcut No.2
More than just a dress. Wear it with a knit when spring is a bit of slow starter and you’ll get a two-piece-look that is both easy and stylish. Not to mention that we love to make pieces season less and are worn often, so this combination is also great when autumn.
Style Shortcut No.3
Do you love a good pair of denim? Then you’ll love this outfit. Wear the dress open and team with a tank top for a look that will last for a long time.