Stronger together.

One month. One mission. Dedicated to cancer research.

October is breast cancer awareness month. Since 2003 Lindex have been supporting by raising money to cancer research. This far we’ve raised 14.8 MEUR. All thanks to you. 

Research saves lives.
Together we can make a difference.
Ella’s story
Ella was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2016. During the treatment she faced many physical and emotional struggles. “One minute I felt completely hopeless, and the other I was unbreakable. 

Ella and her mother have always been close, but as they navigated through the disease, their relationship reached another depth. “When I lost my hair, energy and hope, mom was there to remind me that I was still me. I feel that I can share anything with her.”

Ella has been cancer free for four years now. “I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve learned that sometimes I am strong, and sometimes weak. Cancer was a part of my life, but it doesn’t define me.
I am Ella.”
All profit from this umbrella goes to cancer research.
Together for a greater cause.
Our higher purpose as a company is to empower and inspire women everywhere. Our company is filled with and surrounded by women, and we feel a responsibility to every single one of them. At Lindex we believe that we are stronger together and when we unite efforts, we can make a difference. 
All profit from this bag goes to cancer research.