Denim to love. Forever.

We love pieces that you can rely on. And always feel comfy and stylish in. Denim is a true wardrobe hero. So easy to style and so ready to go. Use our denim guide to find your favourite fit.


Less impact. A lot better.
Lindex offers plenty of denim. And they’re sustainable too. We call it Better Denim. Meaning that we’ve optimized washing recipes, dropped some extra rinses and combined others. And the result is significant. The production of our Better Denim styles consumes 85% less water, 70% less energy, and 45% less chemicals than conventional methods. Oh, and about 90 per cent of our Better Denim is dyed with DyStar Liquid Indigo Vat 40% Solution, the cleanest indigo dye on the market.
High waist, straight fit, slim fit, bootcut, tapered, skinny – the list goes on. So, to make it easier for you, we gave them names. And once you’ve found your favourite fit, the name is all you need to remember when it’s time to update your denim wardrobe.
Stay mindful with Viola Bergström
Viola Bergström, is one of Lindex' models showing smart styles this autumn. We asked Viola for her secret wardrobe hacks.
– Treat your clothes like your best friends and don’t buy on impulse. It’s always better to think before you shop to stop you from ending up with clothes you won’t use.
What trousers do you wear?
I love straight and high-waisted denim. You can play around with your tops so nicely with that kind of fit.
How do you care for you clothes?
I steam my clothes instead of washing them, air them a lot and always fold them nicely. When you take care of your pieces, they will last longer. So I try to be smart like that.