Tiny garments with great features 

Welcome into a world of softness where quality, function and sustainability go hand in hand. Always. Our baby garments might be tiny, but they hide many great functions and features, all designed to make life with a baby a little easier for you.
Extended size features
Many of our baby bodysuits are equipped with Extended size solution, an almost magic invention that makes it possible for the garment to grow one size. All thanks to a double snap buttoning and foldable sleeves. 
PJ’s made for your comfort
Let’s make diaper changes easier once and for all. Our smart pj’s with a 2-way zip can be opened both from the top and bottom which means that your baby can keep the garment on, during the whole change
Plus, our baby clothes are unisex (did someone just said hurrah?) and online you can buy them up to size 104. And if that wasn´t enough, all our bodies up to size 68 are wrap bodies. Easier for you, comfier for your baby.
Lindex + Sustainability = Always.
Giving the garments a longer life is only one part of Lindex´s sustainability work. We are always using the best materials with the highest quality, to make sure the clothes will last for generations and can be inherited by younger siblings or other children.
The story of GOTS
All our cotton garments are GOTS certified. GOTS stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard, which is a global label for textiles that has reached certain social and environmental standards. Simply better garments, down to the last thread.