Outwear is not only to keep you warm or dry. Even if that is a big part of its job, we sure know that it also is a stylish part of your outfit. May it be a lighter variant for the warmer seasons or a cosy, warming one. Long or short. There is outerwear to suit every style and occasion.

Both stylish and warm in the right jacket

When it gets colder we are happy to offer outerwear for women that is warm and comfy but also stylish. Cool parka, fluffy warm jackets, stylish wool coats, comfy hoods, cosy fake fur, big collars and layer on layer. Choose among all our jackets that help you stay warm and smart. The shiny satin fabric gives the bomber jacket its classical style. Thin padding helps you to keep warm. The parka is a versatile piece and the big hood is a perfect shelter from wind and rain. Adjust the drawstring to waist and form the silhouette you want. Layer on layer is a smart way to easily put on or take off pieces, depending on the weather. Add a large lovely knitted scarf that is both comfy and matching.

Wool coat or rain coat

The classic blue pea coat is timeless and with its large gold shimmering buttons it gets an updated look. A long coat is a must in the wardrobe, always elegant and comfy and perfect to match with chunky or delicate scarves. The coat makes you feel chic and the belt to waist gives a fine silhouette. You can't control the weather so a good tip is to go for one of all our rain jackets and rain coats. So next time it's raining, you don't have to worry, instead you just enjoy the fact that you can put your lovely rain coat on!

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