Kimono means ”something you wear” in Japanese and it’s hard to argue with that. We would like to add “when you’re looking for that elegant feeling”. That feeling comes from the soft, flowy material as well as the amazing style. Let it make a statement on its own or wear it to complement your outfit.

Oh, lovely kimono!

The kimono has become a favourite for sure, and we hardly can get enough of it. One of the reasons probably is its relaxed yet stylish look. And the fact that you can wear it over the swimsuit, but it's just as good to teamed with jeans. This is a piece that is easy to wear and to love.

A look with attitude

Sheer and airy, woven viscose or soft and luxury velour, the kimono comes in many wonderful fabrics. Stay relaxed at home and team the kimono with pyjama trousers and a top that will set a nice and facile feeling to the every-day.

The kimono certainly is a versatile piece. And depending on if you'll go for a glittery, patterned, stylish black or a kimono in rich velvet, it's easy to quickly vary the look. Regardless fabric and style, this is a piece with lots of impact and coolness.

The typical details

The open front, the loose fit and the typical three-quarter sleeve are details that all together give the kimono its unique expression. We really like that it comes in so many different fabrics and styles that give us several stylish options.

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