Lindex Studio x OnceMore®

Explore the Studio Collection, filled with one-of-a-kind blossoming styles. Inspired by the Swedish flora, this collection is a collaboration with OnceMore®. OnceMore® is an innovative new fibre made from wood and textile waste, allowing us to reuse materials. The time has come to feel the florals.
A new way of doing things
 Only a fraction of all textiles produced are recycled each year.  A part of our circular transformation includes our choice of materials and reducing our dependency on natural resources.  As the next step of this journey,  the OnceMore® initative is on part.
 Want to see more styles made with this innovative fiber? Just click below.

The collection is available online, and in selected store

Launch party:
Lindex Studio x OnceMore®
WednesdayMay 15 at 6 pm CET

Welcome to the launch party of our long-awaited Lindex Studio x OnceMore® co-lab. A collection filled with one-of-a-kind blossoming styles inspired by the Swedish flora. OnceMore® is an initiative where textile waste is combined with wood fiber, turning worn-out fabrics into high quality materials.*  
On this night, you have the chance to enjoy the gorgeous styles showcased on the runway and an exclusive opportunity to enjoy a performance from the Swedish artist Janice. 
The time has come to feel the florals. Don’t miss this show! 

*Each item from this collection is made of 50-64% wood fiber and 12-16% textile waste.

The print story
 We had a chat with Hanna Klasson, assistant designer at Lindex, about her thoughts and ideas behind the amazing prints. 

"I knew we wanted to create a midsummer collection and draw inspiration from our Swedish heritage and pair this with our contemporary and feminine edge to create a long-lasting fashion statement. 
Most important for the print expression was to use Scandinavian florals, and I really wanted to use some of our most common wildflowers in a variety of colors.

I wanted to keep the flowers quite sweet and romantic, and then work with scale and composition to make the expression a bit bolder.
I painted all the original motifs in aquarelle and gouache. Then I have scanned all the original paintings and digitally reworked them into print repeats. And it is not always that we actually take the time to paint our print by hand, so this has been a very fun and creative process, which I really hope is visible in the final result.

Other things that I considered when I made the prints was that they needed to work on the different qualities used in the collection, one more sheer and one more linen like and rustic quality. And then we also wanted to have prints with both dark and light ground colors.

To make the collection dynamic I have made a range from multicolor prints that includes all the different flowers to the more tonal prints using only one type of flower. I hope people will like it as much as I do."
OnceMore® is a part of Södra, the largest forest-owner association in Sweden. Södra refines wood and pulp from the forest, and through their OnceMore® project, they are pioneers in discovering new uses for renewable and raw forest materials.