Your Smart Wardrobe with Elsa Billgren & Sofia Wood

They got to know each other through their pod Billgren Wood. A podcast where they discuss future classics, cultural movements and what to look for at the flea market. A dynamic duo with an inspiring voice that guides you through vintage finds, current trends, and the most delicious food right now. They have released cookbooks that will get your taste buds going. We are very inspired by their sure instinct in how to be more mindful, in both the little and small things in life. We had a chance to sit down with Elsa and Sofia and talked about how you find your true style and how to think a little smarter when updating your wardrobe.
Elsa Billgren
For me the best way to find my own style is to mix vintage with favorite items and always dress after mood not just weather. A fantastic dress or cosy sweater ads to my happiness and a soft pajama is my best friend when I get home. For me it’s all about expressing my inner romantic and childhood dreams.
I love all shades of white, creme and light blue. The way the sky looks a bright day, the shades in the clouds and the earthy shades of sand. Also, black. With tanned summer skin and red lips. 
"Good basics for me is a great pair of jeans, a cosy coat and knits. But it can also be that favorite colorful skirt that you love. A basic is a pair of clothing that you love, it doesn’t have to be dull. "

 - Elsa Billgren
The best way to have a smart wardrobe is to use the items you have. If you need new clothes, pick pieces that will last long, good basics and clothes that work together with your current wardrobe. For me it’s all about the mix. Vintage, some new, some expensive and most important favorites that lasts. Fix the clothes that are broken before buying new and love the pieces you have.

Learn how to style your clothes, mix and match! A dress with a turtle bib is great for fall, denim could be worn underneath a dress instead of tights and mix delicate fabrics with heavy knits.
Mix favorites with vintage and find the colors and patterns that you love. Try your clothes in different ways and always stay true to your essence instead of falling for trends. If you love colors, don’t go beige. Go you.

A smart wardrobe is a wardrobe you love and wear. No extra pieces, just great ones that you can mix and use every day.  
Elsa’s favorites
Sofia Wood
For me, style has always been something very intuitive. For my own wardrobe I’ve always been interested in style but not so much in trends and am allergic to feeling like the clothes are wearing me rather than I’m wearing them. That translates into a wardrobe of lots of timeless basics, subdued but modern items, a little bit luxe and definitely comfortable. I love a pretty detail and am weak for dresses with a bit of drama.

My colour scheme is neutral and quite few patterns. Lots of creams - often worn together, shades of grey, a bit of beige and lots of black. I especially like wearing black in summer (so pretty with a tan) and whites and creams for autumn and winter.
I love a nicely tailored suit jacket as well as a nice leather pant or skirt. Also, a dramatic puff sleeve is my thing. For me it also has so much to do with contrast. I love a chunky boot with a slim pant, a party dress with flip flops and an oversize knit with a silky skirt.

But I think it’s important to remember you just can’t buy lots of things all the time and still be sustainable in your actions. We all need to act better than that. Not everything can be an investment for everyone, but we can still have thought trough decisions. The clothes we own must be worn more often, replaced less often, and repaired in a higher extent when needed. Such a big part of that is being mindful with your wardrobe and owning pieces that work, work overtime, and work together.
For me wardrobe basics are a great and versatile jacket, well-fitting jeans, a dress that’s good on its own and over pants, soft textured knits, outerwear that’s timeless and really good lounge wear for home.

I keep my clothes for the longest time, so many of my clothes have double digits in years I’ve owned and worn them. Also, most of them  work together and I’ve also made sure to have transitional pieces, like a vest or pullover that can bring summer clothes into fall.
"Feeling confident and that your wardrobe is helping your everyday life is such a freeing, invigorating feeling."

 - Sofia Wood
Style is about how you feel - not what a trend or magazine thinks you should wear. Style and fashion are fun and a way of expressing yourself if you wish - that doesn’t mean it has to be super eccentric or out there.

Try different fits and see what looks good on your body and how it makes you feel, if it’s not great you won’t wear it. Don’t buy anything you don’t love or would give something else up for and - make sure to think of your wardrobe as a whole no single pieces here and there. If a top catch your fancy but you have no pants to wear with it - is it really something you should buy?
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