Is the year of 2022 your new denim year?

Here are stylish jeans for sizes 34-54
A pair of jeans is a must in a basic wardrobe – but why is it so difficult to find a pair that fits really well – and in the right size? We’ve teamed up with Kakan Hermansson, Annika Leone, Michelle Jeng & Frida Lund to hear their take on Lindex denim.
Lovely jeans – or not? There is probably no such garment that evokes as much emotions as jeans. If we find a favorite pair of jeans, we will love them forever, but the road there can be uncomfortable, to say the least. Maybe you find it hard to find a fit you like, or you will find it, but instead you feel excluded since the pair of jeans are not available in your size. Does it really have to be like that?

Someone who knows what this feels like is the food profile Frida Lund: 
– There is some general belief that you should wear a size smaller than you usually wear. That is never the way to do it. Uncomfortable jeans are a no, no matter the size, says Frida.
Of course, the fashion world has become more inclusive thanks to the great impact of body positivism, but when it comes to jeans, not much has actually happened. It is not easy to find jeans in sizes larger than a 42. As a matter of fact, a size can differ significantly depending on the brand. 

We are different and our bodies are shaped differently – of course we need different fits and sizes. The message to include and offer jeans for everyone is something that Lindex is constantly working on. The sizes of Lindex’s jeans are in the range of sizes 34-54 and provide 13 different fits in total of 46 different washes. All made for your unique body and desires. 
The jeans’ models are also named after women such as Hanna, with a high waist, which the artist and the TV personality Kakan Hermansson uses frequently:
– I gave up and stopped wearing jeans in 2004. Then I started wearing jeans again a few years ago. To be honest, it was because of Lindex. My big booty fits in the jeans and I especially like the model Hanna, says Kakan.
Also, Annika Leone, who writes body positive children’s books, have found her way back to jeans:

 – I have probably never felt as excluded as when I have tried on jeans, just because I usually never found the right size for me. I get incredibly frustrated when companies seem to think of sizes based on the “skinny ideal” – so outdated! says Annika who has now found her favorite pair of Lindex jeans in the fit Jackie, which are extra wide and have a high waist. 
Once you have found your favorite pair of jeans, you also want to be able to use them for different occasions and seamlessly match them with other garments in your basic wardrobe. 
Fashion profile Michelle Jeng, who likes to style jeans in different ways, agrees: – I really think there are two challenges when it comes to finding jeans – finding “the ones” and finding a pair that suits all occasions. Also, you want them to last for a long time, says Michelle, who likes Lindex fit Betty, straight jeans with a high waist, the most.
And what about sustainability?
Finding high quality jeans that can be used extensively, is another important aspect to keep in mind. The denim production can be dirty, dusty and has one of the most water-intensive textile processes due to the many washes. In 2014, Lindex began the journey towards producing denim in a more sustainable way, and today all Lindex’s denim are made by Better Denim. This means that Lindex’s denim is manufactured from more durable materials, durable washing processes and cleaner dyeing processes. It is important not to waste nature’s resources and find a pair of jeans that lasts for a long time, fits well and fits your body: Find you favorites and love them forever!
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