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Finding underwear that is best for your body can be tricky. But rest assured we are here to help you in finding your new favourites.

A smart underwear drawer contains all you need for different occasions. Whether you love a t-shirt bra or a soft bra, a classic brief or a bikini, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out more.
No seams. Lots of comfort.
A soft bra that you can fasten at the back? Wider straps for a softer feel? Yes, we thought of all that. The seamless bra. So soft that you forget that you are wearing it. Now updated in seven gorgeous neutral tones so you can pick the one for you. Because we believe buying underwear should be easy.
We love bras
We have loved underwear since 1954. From the young breasts to the mature breasts, the growing ones and every breast in-between. So, with us you can be sure to find the bra you are looking for.
Introducing the soft bra:
Don’t miss our newest innovation, the soft bra. So comfortable with a great support, no seams, invisible under clothes and just so soft you never want to take off. Available in sizes xs to xl. You need to try it now, you will love it.
Do you have bras made for yoga?
– We have a lot of soft bras. Comfy, supportive and perfect for yoga or light training. They come with and without closure at the back.
What if I can't find my size in store?
– Then we will help you order it at lindex.com. And remember, we don't have all styles and colours in every size in store, but online you can always find cup size AA–F and size 65–100 in circumference.
Prothesis bra sounds quite amazing. Can you offer that?
– Absolutely! Not in all stores, though. But you can find all our prothesis bras online
I like it sustainable. What does Lindex offer?
– Oh, we do too. Therefore, we have a lot of garments made from sustainable sources. Actually, all our basic briefs are sustainable. For example, recycled polyamide, sustainable cotton and Tencel. Our Tencel briefs contain a natural fibre made from pulp of fast-growing trees, which have been produced with reduced environmental impact. Pretty fantastic, we think. And don't miss our seamless style.
I need a nursing bra. Do you have that?
– Of course! Our nursing bras are really comfy and easy to use. With only one hand you can button or unbutton it. Fast and smooth when your baby is up for a snack.
How can I make my favourites last longer?
– Make your fine bras and delicate briefs last longer by washing them carefully and on low temperature. Use our smart laundry bags that come in two sizes. And never wash your bras more than necessary.
How shall I store my bras?
Another important thing is to store your bras right. Lay them overlapping in the drawer, without reversing the cups. It will keep its shape better and make your favourite bras last longer.