Our promise

Since Lindex was born in 1954, we have been a fashion company on a journey. We are far from perfect, but we are dedicated to take our responsibility and continue on our journey to have an impact both today and tomorrow. This is why we have made a sustainability promise – to make a difference for future generations. Our promise is divided into three areas: empower women, respect the planet and ensure human rights.
Empower women
The woman is everything to us. Women populate every part of our value chain, from field to fitting room. Of course, we also have many men in our value chain who are just as an important part of Lindex and in everything we do to empower and inspire women everywhere. 
Respect the planet
At Lindex, we will not be a bystander in the biggest environmental crisis of our time. Climate change concerns all regions of the world and is a threat to global development. The production, transportation, use and disposal of our products generate a significant amount of Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) which contributes to global warming. At Lindex, we are committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and have aligned our actions and goals with Goal 13: Climate Action. 
Ensure human rights
In every part of Lindex’s business, we depend on the decisions, hands and skills of people. People with rights and dignity that belongs to them, no matter who they are. It is our responsibility to make sure that fundamental human rights are respected in our entire value chain and that the workplaces are safe and healthy with decent working conditions. While supply chain transparency is a major challenge in the fashion industry, it is the key to making progress within all areas of sustainability.