Your preschool checklist

Preschool start and a bunch of things to keep in mind. We know because we’ve been there too. The seasons are changing, and the weather is trickier than ever. But no need to worry, our handy checklist will help you to prepare for that special day. 
Soft, comfy and oh-so wearable. Everyday basics are true wardrobe heroes that last over seasons. And a great bonus? With us, you always get 3 for 2.
Long-sleeved, short-sleeved, and everything in between. A good top or sweater can make any outfit come alive, and it’s essential for every curious kid out there.
Durable trousers that withstand hours and hours of play go a long way. The jeans, the leggings, and the comfy joggers. They all play an important part in the preschool wardrobe.
Stocking up on soft and comfy underwear and socks is a must for any little preschooler. And since accidents do happen, keep a few as a backup as well.
Functional outerwear
Outside playtime gets more fun with smart outerwear that endures both weather and wind. Our range of cover layers are tough on the outside, but soft on the inside. Just like it should be.
Waterproof rainwear
Whether it’s mushroom picking in the rain or hopping in puddle time, rubbery waterproof rainwear will keep them protected and dry from top to toe.
The best accessories are those that serve a purpose and feel comfy at the same time. Waterproof gloves, warming hats, functional bags, and more.
Marker pen
Small but oh-so important. Put an end to hunting through the lost and found, by clearly labelling all your kids’ clothes with their names.
The preschool checklist products
Take care
With the right care their clothes will last longer and feel better. Here are a few handy tips.
Outerwear with superpowers
Our label FIX stands for Swedish quality since 1925. These durable styles had us at hello.
A lesson in layers
One of the keys to a happy kid is the right layering. Here's a simple guide to keep your child comfy during any outdoor activity.