A long-term companion.
Denim is one of your wardrobe’s most true-blue friends. They’re with you through seasons and on travels, on parties and at work. Any time, any place. Now, find your favourite denim pieces, take care of them and wear them for a long time.

Caring for your clothes is caring for the environment, and we want to inspire you to take good care of your jeans. When it comes to denim, we recommend you to wash them as little as possible, and instead use other methods to keep them clean and neat.

Our Denim Expert Suzana will now take you through a few easy tips on how to wash – and not wash! – your jeans. ”We want your denim to last longer, and to leave as little impact as possible. And there are a few easy tips on how to get there”, says Suzana.
Less wash
Our general tip, and we can’t stress this enough, is to wash you jeans as little as possible. Actually, only when you really, really need to.
Air it out
Denim loves air! Hang your jeans outside to air after every use, and they’ll stay fresh longer. Let them hang over night, or even longer.
Freeze your jeans
Yes, it’s true! Let your jeans cool off, and make them fresh and crisp by putting them in the freezer. To keep your foods fresh, you can put them in a bag.
Stay on the spot
Did your jeans get stains or spots? No problem! Simply focus on washing these only. Use a mild soap, rub gently, and rinse under cold water.
Preparing is caring
Before putting your jeans in the washing machine, turn them inside out, empty pockets, and flip down the legs.
The rare wash
Sometimes you simply must wash your jeans, and that’s that. Wash in low degrees, and use as little laundry detergent as possible. When finished, shake your denim well, and let air dry.
Denim to love. Forever.
We love pieces that you can rely on. And always feel comfy and stylish in. Denim is a true wardrobe hero: easy to style and perfect whatever you’re up to. High waist, straight fit – or slim – bootcut, tapered or skinny fit? Whatever you prefer, there’s a pair for you. And when you’ve found your favourite Lindex denim fit, just remember its name and go for them whenever it’s time to update your denim wardrobe.
One Bottle & The Rinse Collection
We’re on a journey towards better denim. And we want to lower our impact one step, and one bottle of water at the time.
Denim is for everybody. And for every body.
At Lindex, we believe that jeans is for everybody. And for every body. Our sizes range from 34 to 54 and we have a wide variety of models. We hope you will find your favourite fit, and wear it again and again
A Blue Dawning
Denim is your wardrobe’s most multifaceted hero. The one that you can lean towards at any moment, and the one that never ceases to amaze.
Is the year of 2022 your new denim year?
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