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Summer season hits us in different ways. The winter swimmers start early, the ocean surfers waiting for the first waves, the sun-seekers turning their heads to the warming rays and the nature-lovers finding their way to start the warm-weather months. We teamed up with some amazing women to find out how summer awake them.
‘Summer in Jämtland, north of Sweden, is the prettiest there is. The combination of the heat and the snow that is still covering the mountain tops is amazing.’

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‘I start my summer by waking up with the sun and being outside all the time. I swim every day, eat outside and walk barefoot as much as I can.’

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Summer for me is freedom and endless days and nights. To feel the sun on your skin is such a great feeling. That’s when summer happens for me.’
‘For me summer is an experience that just happens. The sun, the sea, the waves. The magic of nature. Suddenly it’s all here.’
‘For me summer is all about finding your flow and just be. I love the feeling of summer being just around the corner and when all the magic is still in front of us.’ 

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‘Being at the beach with my kids brings back memories of my own childhood and summer. Summer is timeless like that.’

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‘Swimming for me is summer. No matter the temperature. Summer is a state of mind and I never ever regret a dip in the lake or the ocean.’

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