Outerwear care guide

Outerwear does a lot for us. It keeps us warm when it’s cold, shields us against the wind, and protects us from getting soaked when it’s pouring rain. That’s why we should show some care in return. Here are some ways to take care of your kid’s outerwear, the right way, without compromising its functionality. That way, they can wear it now and pass it on later.
I can wash outerwear, right?
It’s somewhat of a reflex to simply toss a dirty garment into the washing machine. But that’s not the case with outerwear. You want to maintain the garment’s waterproofness and water repellancy, and to do so, you should wash it as little as possible. Yes, you read that right. We suggest spot cleaning, which means using a damp cloth to wipe off dirt, or for more stubborn stains, rinsing off the affected area. 
If you must wash the functional outerwear, then use ordinary detergent. But absolutely no softeners - they can clog the pores of the fabric, in turn deteriorating the functionality of the garment. Make sure all the buttons, Velcro tapes, zippers and buckles are closed and fastened, then turn the entire garment inside out – that helps reduce wear on the outer fabric. Now the garment is ready to be deep cleaned in the washing machine.
Oh no, how do I fix scratches on outerwear?
Scratches on your kid’s outerwear is a good sign, it’s being loved and used on repeat. But if it’s in need of repair, you can simply use one of our handy self-adhesive repair patches. These outerwear repair patches can be cut to size and pressed for a few seconds to fasten in place. Just make sure the area being repaired is clean and dry.
Can I replace outerwear foot straps?
A lot of our functional trousers and overalls have removable elastic foot straps. If they get worn out, you can easily replace them with new ones. Simply cut off the old straps with a pair of scissors and attach the new ones to the buttons found on the inside of the leg cuffs.
Do I need to waterproof outerwear?
All our kids’ water repellent outerwear has a BIONIC-FINISH® ECO, a treatment that creates a surface ideal for functional outerwear, free from perfluorinated compounds (PFAS) and formaldehyde. This treatment is designed to withstand many uses before it’s time to give the outer fabric a bit of a boost to keep it going. And to do so, you can use a PFAS-free water repellant spray, the kind that you find in most sports store, formulated to protect against stains as well.
Reflectives are not so reflective anymore
Scratches, dirt, heat from drying cabinets and water are all things that affect the longevity of reflectives. That’s why we recommend our reflective stickers. They come in a lot of fun shapes, classic patches and strips - simply choose a favourite and find an optimal spot on the outerwear to stick them on to.
Best way to label outerwear
What’s mine is mine and yours is yours. Prevent your kid’s outerwear from ending up on someone else with a permanent marker. You’ll find a tag on the inside of the functional jacket or trousers with a few lines. A spot for your kid’s name, and a couple more for when it gets passed on to the next. Fun fact: the marker lasts through many washes, so you don’t have to worry about it being rubbed off.
What’s the best way to dry outerwear?
You can either air dry or use a drying cabinet set on low.
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